Sunday, January 9, 2011

What To Do: Injuries

We commonly represent victims injured by negligent behavior. On many occasions, these victims are not able to contact us to receive advice immediately after they are injured .  They are, therefore, subject to skipping some very important things they should do or doing some important things they should skip.

While it is always a good idea to contact a competent lawyer early on to obtain advice as to how to proceed in a particular situation, here are some general things to consider when you are wondering what you should do:

1. Seek medical attention as soon as possible if you are injured.
2. Cooperate with all law enforcement and emergency personnel who respond to an accident scene or have them contacted and brought to the scene as necessary.
3. Obtain the identification information of those involved in the accident and any witnesses. That would include names, addresses, telephone numbers and the other contact information of those involved.
4. If it is a vehicular accident, obtain the license plate information and insurance information of those involved.
5. If it is a situation involving an animal (like an animal bite or attack), get the name and address of the animal's owner and any permitting/license information which is available.
6. Report the accident to your homeowner's and/or automobile insurance companies if they might become involved.
7. If you or a family member has a camera, take photographs as soon as possible after the accident of the accident site, the immediate area around the site as necessary, your injuries and/or the property damage, from all angles.

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